Thanks Taos Milagro Rotary!

Much appreciation to the Taos Milagro Rotary Club for the warm welcome extended to Oo-Oo-Nah Board Members Darilynn, Lyle and Luckie this morning!


We enjoyed meeting new friends, connecting with so many old friends and catching-up on the latest, amazing community efforts happening all around Taos.

A special welcome to Colette Labouff, the new Executive Director of Taos Center for the Arts. Exciting to hear about what’s ahead for this year and looking forward to collaborating on future Oo-Oo-Nah youth and art projects.

EVERYONE go checkout Rita O’Connell in a Every Brilliant Thing; a one-woman play directed by Chelsea Reidy at Ennui Gallery, February 7-10.


What a very special group of committed Rotarians we’re blessed to have in our community!

Taos Rotary meets for breakfast every Wednesday at 7:20AM – Don Fernando de Taos.

We look forward to joining and supporting you in 2019. 🙂


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