Core Cultural Values

Culture is a way of life, with values guiding every action taken. For Oo-Oo-Nah to be truly effective in encouraging cultural practice, there must be connections to all segments of the community.

OONA End of Summer Camp Celebration 9

The future of Tiwa cultural retention is critical to community, family cohesion, health, economic development, and job creation.

By identifying cultural values related to the arts, family, community, and entrepreneurial livelihood, a solid foundation is formed for moving forward with the cultural center as a community hub for cultural revitalization.

Identifying Tiwa values underlying cultural retention as part of the planning process, creates a solid foundation for moving forward.

Primary Tiwa Values

• Community
• Culture
• Respect
• Family
• Generosity

Values are the foundation of the way of the past, which guide us into the future. For any project to be culturally meaningful, respect of these values must be integrated into every step forward. Families are at the core of the community, caring for each other with generosity. Integrating cultural teaching into tribal services brings the community back into balance.